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September 16 - Michael Jesburger

October 22 - Cody Eash

November 18 - Presentation: Gary Casteel will be speaking on Historical Monumentation with special emphasis on the James Longstreet Monument. Gary will also discuss his upcoming project promoting the National Civil War Memorial.
Biography of Gary Casteel, November 18th Presenter. Gary was born in West Virginia. He is a nationally recognized sculptor and painter. He designed and made the huge James Longstreet statue at Gettysburg. He currently resides in Gettysburg with his wife Leslie. Gary has a local sculpting business in Gettysburg, Valley Arts Gallery is located at 789 Baltimore St in Gettysburg. (

Also For Glory

A High School and College instructor for thirty years in history and philosophy, Don Ernsberger worked on Capitol Hill for seven years as a Deputy Chief of Staff. In Washington DC he had excellent access to National Archive and the Library of Congress resources. This book is a result of three years of research.


Book Review in The Washington Times

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